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Landlord & TenantAn end-to-end service for commercial landlords or tenants.

  • We offer a range of landlord and tenant services with a highly experienced team specialising in all property sectors. Whether it is a rent review or more complex lease restructuring issues our team can help.
  • Rent Reviews

    Most leases will have rent review clauses that set out how the rent review is to be agreed which is usually based on Market Rental Value. Leases have an upward and downward rent review clause, our advice will consider the lease terms and how these might affect the outcome of the rent review. We will also negotiate on your behalf with the other party’s surveyor to ensure that the rent agreed is the correct amount.
  • Services Include:

    • Advice on leases for Landlord and Tenant Law
    • Specialist advice on rent review clauses
    • Negotiation of rent reviews either by agreement or by reference to Arbitration/Independent Expert
    • Advice on court lease renewals
    • Strategic advice on implementation of rent reviews in multi-tenanted buildings
  • Lease Renewals

    For the landlord, we will consider the terms of the lease and its impact on investment value. We will advise whether short or longer term plans include the wish for redevelopment, perhaps necessitating the need for a break clause. For the tenant, we will assess their future requirements for expansion, possible down-sizing or relocation and how this should be reflected in the lease terms.
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